About Me

Just a little about myself, I am a photographer based in Newcastle, NSW Australia. I was born and raised in Newcastle and lived here pretty much all of my life, after many years of photographing since my teenage years, I started my business Andy Gock Photography in 2005. With this new business, I specialised in wedding, portraits, and commercial photography. Just now in 2009, I decided to launch this web site, dedicated to my personal landscape photography, which will be now for sale to interested buyers. I really enjoy photographing the beautiful local scenery, and I take as much pleasure processing them and seeing them in print. And hopefully, some of you may also enjoy these images on your wall or office by ordering one of our large framed prints.

I use digital cameras to capture my images combined with many high quality lenses to create what you see. I quite enjoy seeing the rapid succession of digital technologies these days, and it is really wonderful to be see all these new tools and constantly learning and adapting to all the up-to-date equipment and software in the world.

So please take some time and browse through my image galleries, and if you see something that you would love on your wall, use our online ordering system to order, or give me a call and I'll be happy to help you out.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in my portrait, wedding, or commercial photography services, please go to my other web site andygock.com.au